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Today is 30,Sep,2020
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Tri-Edged Saws Z270
Tri-Edged Saws Z270Tri-Edged Saws Z270Tri-Edged Saws Z270
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Updated: 2020-09-08 10:17
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 Hollow Ground
Precision ground tri-edge teeth; the fastest and smoothest cutting saws available. Cuts on the pull stroke.
SK4 Japanese high carbon Samurai sword steel
Laser impulse hardened saw teeth maintain razor-sharp performance
Hard chrome protective finish
Strong ABS construction with non-slip TPR positive grip
Folding saws have double locking system for both open and closed positions
"Raker" slot design cleans as it cuts and helps cool the cut on hard, dead, or processed wood
All blades are hollow ground for improved speed and performance